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UNIX IP Command Lines

UNIX - General Command Lines
Note: You MUST be at the ROOT user to make/save any changes. You will need to save your changes in the /etc/rc.conf file. Network cards are referred to as dc0, dc1, dc2, etc based on their position on the PCI bus.
Display Current Config for all NIC's: ifconfig

Display Current Config for dc0: ifconfig dc0

Assign IP/Subnet: ifconfig dc0 inet netmask

Assign Gateway: route delete default && route add default

Assign multiple IP's: ifconfig dc0:0

Assign second IP: ifconfig dc0:1

Disable network card: ifconfig dc0 down

Enable network card: ifconfig dc0 up

*Special thanks to Romanov Sergey Vladimirovich from Moscow for the UNIX commands!

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